Baya Olive Oil
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Salad vegtables:

Cooking Time :
45 min

Portion(s) :



Ingrédients :

 3 onions 
 3 sweet red peppers
 3 green chilies
 2 aubergines
 6 zucchini 
 1/2 lb Green beans

 1/3 lb soft goat cheese 
 36 black olives
 BAYA extra virgin olive oil
 Balsamic vinegar
 1/2 c. tablespoons herbs



Preparation : 

1- Cut all vegetables into large pieces: four onions, peppers into strips or cubes, eggplant lengthwise and cut into large julienne and zucchini. Keep green beans as is.

2- Put all vegetables in a large bowl.  Decant a little of BAYA Olive Oil .Do not pour too much     Olive Oil, otherwise the barbecue produce too much flames.

3- Cook vegetables on the grill until they are well cooked, turning occasionally.


4-  When all the vegetables are grilled, put them in the large bowl. Pour plenty of BAYA  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a little of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and herbs. Finally, add small pieces of cheese and olives.

5-  Meld well and serve at suitable temperature.


Baya Olive Oil
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