Baya Olive Oil
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 Brick manced meat :

Temps de cuisson :
15 min

4 persons



Ingredients :

 3 spoon of BAYA Extra virgin Olive Oil
 Grated cheese or laughing cow

 12 sheets of bricks
 Oil for frying
 1 onion

 ½ Bunch of parsley
 1 egg
 Salt and pepper
 1 tablespoon of spice 4
 300 g minced beef


Preparation : 

1- Put the onion in the BAYA Extra virgin light Olive Oil, add meat, salt, pepper and finally chopped parsley. Cover and cook it on low heat. Once finished cooking break one egg. Let cool and add cheese.

2- Open the leaves of brick and put the face inside. Fold both ends of the sheet and wrap le brick tightly.

3- Heat a little oil in a pan. Finally, they are ready when they are browned to perfection. 


Baya Olive Oil
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