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 Squid a la plancha:

Time of cooking :
15 min

4 persons



Ingredients :

 1 kg of squid

 2 large cloves garlic
 1 spoon Espelette pepper 

 4 spoon chopped parsley

 2 spoon BAYA Extra virgin light Olive Oil
 4 spoon cider vinegar



Preparation : 

1- Cut the squid into strips.
2- Peel and mince the garlic and chop the parsley.

3- Heat the griddle over high heat or large skillet for a large cooking surface.

4- Put the oil and brown the garlic quickly. Add the squid and mix it when it starts to color.
5- Sprinkle chili Espelette, parsley and add the vinegar. Mix it and serve immediately with a little salt.



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