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 Beef empanadas  :

Ready in:
50 min

4 persons



Ingredients :

 300g of flour
 150g salted butter
 1 egg
 300g minced beef
 1 onion

 Chopped parsley 
 3 red peppers
 Tomato concentrate
 BAYA Extra virgin olive oil
 Salt  pepper

Préparation : 

1- Start by performing the dough kneading flour, 100g melted butter and egg.

2- The dough should be firm. Let rest.


3- Cook in a frying meat over low heat. Add the pieces of pepper, chopped onions and tomato paste. Simmer 15 minutes and then add the parsley leather.
4- Roll out the dough on 2mm thick and create circles with diameters of about 12 cm
5- Remove the trim seasoned on a portion and fold one side. Weld the two parts together to form a slipper.

6- Butter the empanadas (20g remaining melted butter) and bake at 200 for 20 minutes.





Baya Olive Oil
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